I'm innocent c:
i know this is a question for the future but what r u going to do at xmas/new years?

I hate those 2 thingies e.e , I’m spending them alone in my apartment. It’s still summer so why such a question?

how are you darling?

Got back from my walk just now and I’m kinda sad. Plap ;I

Going to have a last cig and get out of here.

It looks like a sad place.

Depends for who, but yes, it’s a sad place kinda.
Tho there’s a stupid party here, nergh :v

What's the place called, where you're at?

Google search: estonia , linnahall and look for a picture with a lot of stairs. It’s a nice view from here at night c:


Time to go walking.

Sigh, so many drunks, worth it for a cigarette by the sea side.

Time to go walking.

I should go out walking maybe, midnight would be great.
I have a place I haven’t visited for 9 months atleast. Hmh.

Today’s going to be fun, I have nothing to do and I don’t want to cam nor see anyone’s face either, fun. /watches tv alone until 3am.
Should go to the store in 4 hours or so e.e

Time to go back to sleep.